Review-Buy a MacBook, Stupid.

Hello, and welcome to this Austin. Why everyone is called a big old dumb dumb. – Well, I mean, there are a lot of reasons, but my friend Dave 2D recently did an excellent video, which I think I really wanted to do a reaction to MacBook.

Buy a MacBook, Stupid.

And they gave an excellent explanation why you know? You should really consider the MacBook. Now, Dave’s video was not fully credited, but I couldn’t agree more. I actually think there’s a real reason, before I think you’ve actually ever been there, to switch to a MacBook. Okay – yes. – Let me pitch you. Let me pitch, a person who has a MacBook in front of them right now.

So if you have a flexible type of workflow, it’s okay if you’re not using a laptop for gaming, if you don’t need something that is too large and that needs 3D rendering or something else. Be dedicated GPU. If you’re looking for a quote, then conquer a normal laptop, there are many reasons why the MacBook is a handsome winner, right. – Yes. – First, the performance, we’ve talked about it, we’ve talked about it.

Is the M1 inside a MacBook more powerful than any laptop that can be purchased directly from a PC? Maybe some gaming platforms that have slightly higher performance —- which ones? – Graphics side. – which are six, seven, eight times the thickness – and one third of the battery life. See, this is a completely different category. – Yes – Even on the CPU side then, the M1 still looks pretty good against these laptops, right? So performance is definitely on anything like the MacBook Air, which I think is probably the best laptop for most people. Completely low fan, completely silent. Battery life is solid. So I actually usually use the Pro, but I mean is the Air still like 12 hours of battery life? – Oh, I play on it.

Great at playing World of Warcraft. Wow is not a demanding gamein in any way shape or form. – But still, – Yes, like, so to say, I like. Gaming is not really something you can do here but it’s just because the software doesn’t really support it. But the software that supports it runs really, really well. – So on top of the performance, you also have battery life. I think that is a very big right, isn’t it? Windows laptops have had a good life for years, right? But it is about battery life. Like they surround him by forcing him to have a laptop, which still has a fan that is still a bit hot. And you know, you have a big battery that weighs inside. The good thing about the MacBook Air and Pro is that they do not have these massive batteries, but because they are so efficient you still have ridiculous battery life.

So for reference, right? So I use the 13 inch MacBook Pro as my main daily system. The other night I was editing the video in bed, okay. Despite being completely quiet it’s a fan, it wasn’t even kicking. So I was rendering a 4K video. And even after editing a solid hour I estimated that I had about five and a half hours of battery life left. If I’m not doing anything as intense as 4K video editing then I can regularly get 12, 13 hours. So there are definitely about these major things, but you probably know it all, okay. You’ve probably already separated the video talking about the M1 and performance, but then if you put it in context, well, I think there are some real reasons that if you switch to the MacBook Are able to (indiscreet chatter) sense. First, the hardware. These laptops are really priced.

– This model is here, the full basic MacBook Air is not an upgrade, whatever. Eight yards of Ram. – Nine ninety-nine, – Nine, nine, nine. One thousand rupees. – Yes. You can get a cheap Windows laptop. They are nowhere, now the quality of this construction. This is hardware for me. I don’t think there is competition – definitely like the makers like I would give a shout out to the Dell XPS. 13. They do a good job.

– They are really good. I think it’s still better – and cheaper – at a thousand bucks. it is cheap. – The base XPS 13 is barely over such a price range. And yet I would say that the MacBook Air has a better overall build because they are better, right now you have that nice build you have a great screen. It may not be the touch that is one of the things you lose, but for most people it won’t be a deal breaker, it would be my idea

– the trackpad is, I think, perfect. I have talked about this a lot. I am technically intelligent at this point in my life, where I care about how something feels, how to touch, how to touch. This is why I care in a PC, because I am browsing the internet mostly, I am emailing. I’m using Google Docs for anything, you know, Doc

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