How I Setup a NEW Mac 2021 (M1 MacBook Pro Step-by-Step Guide)

This Post is brought here for you by TextSniperHey, Iskren, but feel free to call me E, let’s just dive into all that I do when setting up a new Mac. After the initial setup of the computer is completed, first check for any operating system updates. In the case of my M1, there was a new critical update that fixes issues when using an external hub. Next is to enable tapping on the trackpad which I still don’t know why Apple will be disabled by default –

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How I Setup a NEW Mac 2021 (M1 MacBook Pro Step-by-Step Guide)

if you are an Apple Watch user, I would highly recommend enabling Apple Watch unlock. This may not be a very big thing – just a way to easily unlock your Mac – but it’s one of those things you’ll miss once, when you won’t have access to it. Go to Accessibility Zoom and make sure to enable scroll gestures. Zoom. I use this no stop. Place your mouse in the desired area,

control your screen O, use the scroll to zoom and enlarge whatever you are working on. Thank you eyes. Next, go to Security and Privacy Settings under Firewall and make sure Firewall is enabled. There is a need to take your safety seriously.

BTW, if you are enjoying this video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and click on the bell icon button to get notifications from time to time. Next thing is setting up my iCloud. All I try to do is emulate all my files and folders from the cloud so that they fit perfectly with my finder workflow. It delivers the same experience as if those files are stored locally and I don’t feel like I’m downloading them. Then I put my projects and other folders that I frequently access in the sidebar of Finder.

If you want a more detailed guide on how you can get the most out of iCloud, I have a dedicated video for you. Just click here: & lt; Link & gt; At this point, as far as iCloud is concerned, all you have to do is wait (or continue to work on the next thing on the list). If you have hundreds of gigabytes of data, the service will exclusively take its sweetest time.

I’m like a digital hoarder so I have 1 terabyte of data on the cloud. But you don’t really need to be concerned about storage space because MacOS is very smart about syncing – instead of dumping everything on your local storage, what it does is download only the files that you often have Let’s access. If the storage space on your M1 Mac is less than your cloud data, then this is not a problem. Even though I’m working with setting up my iCloud, my next focus is on organizing the dock and the app drawer. This may not be a big deal, but trust me, having a holistic application organization is important for productivity. And if you are anything like me, you will appreciate the clean look.

So, first of all, remove all the apps you are using frequently. Also, I like to disable show recent applications in the dock because I know what I want to see all the time, no need for suggestions. Also, since all displays these days are horizontally oriented, I prefer not to waste any vertical real estate, so I move my dock to the left. Sometimes, I have auto hide, at other times, I see it all the time. Meanwhile, if there are any default apps in the app drawer that you don’t use, move them to your junk or miss folder (a.k.a. others) in the app drawer. You are going to appreciate that extra space.

If I’m being honest, the app drawer isn’t as important to me because I use Alfred to fire most apps that aren’t in the dock. But I like to draw a blind beauty app. This is just what I like. I do you, you do it. They do them… and so on. Let’s move on to the next thing – which is enabling the stack on my desktop and organizing my finder. If you open Finder Preferences, you will see that the new Finder window gets the show but, for me, the most commonly used folder is DOWNLOADS so it will be switched. This means that if I open a new window or tab in the finder, it will display my downloads folder that I see for 90% of the time. In the sidebar settings,

I hide everything except iCloud, Airdrop, applications and downloads … of course also taking into account all the external locations. The rest of my folders that I keep in the sidebar come either from iCloud or from an external drive, which I use as a favorite shortcut. Personally, I don’t care about pictures, music, movies, and rickets — the most boring person on the planet … Anyway, you want to organize your folders and favorites based on your workflow. Removing rarely used paths actually results in that minimal aesthetic

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