Are USB-C Hubs Killing M1 MacBooks?

Is Your USB-C Hub Going to Kill Your Mac? Well according to some YouTube comments and forum posts out there, some USB-C hubs have picked up an assault rifle and are hunting down the MacBook right and center.

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Are USB-C Hubs Killing M1 MacBooks? But what is the reality?

Is this really an issue? Let’s look at it. Starting in November, several sources and the Red Post began to pope about the issue. There was no real pattern or reason.

Some people reported their MacBooks to have died due to the USB-C hub they were using. Specifically, this was when using a hub that provides pass-through charging, which these days do. When experienced, the Mac will be completely emptied and then completely unresponsive.

Lights, LEDs, fans, nothing. It is as if it has no power. Some users also reported hearing a clicking just before the Mac died. So what is the reason? Well, one explanation is only the bad USB-C hub. This comment on the Apple support forums fully expressed my views. In my opinion, a large number of these failures were caused by cheap hubs made by the same company, either because they were made cheaply or were manufacturing defects.

If you don’t already know, the large number of hubs available for sale are manufactured by only a few large companies, and are purchased in bulk, rebranded, and then individually delivered under different brand names.

Is sold by This is why I always recommend avoiding cheap hubs (especially if they offer USB-C passes via charging or power delivery.) It is best to spend a little extra and buy a reputable brand such as Anchor, Get the hub from OWC, or Belkin. .

But this is not the only explanation, a very small number of users report bricky laptops even when using official hubs purchased directly from Apple. I think the issue here could possibly be software based. My theory is that the way these M1 MAC interfaces with some M-through USB-C charging hubs die off some of them. Due to the new architecture of the M1 Mac, it is possible that somehow, the USB-C hub bypassed the security mechanism to block the voltage and caused the MacBook’s logic board to be fried. If you are not already aware, the new M1 Mac no longer has a separate SMC (or system management controller), as it is now embedded in the M1 processor itself. Could this be the reason why these issues are happening? Wasn’t this issue supported when Apple designed the M1 architecture? It is impossible to say, and Apple has not yet announced an official explanation. However, Apple released update 11.2.2 of macOS Big Sur, which, according to the release notes, prevents damage caused to the hubs with the USB-C dock and power delivery. This leads me to believe that Apple has implemented some kind of additional software protection, or when there is a voltage or a similar surge, like a surge protector that you plug the device into, except that this software version is. Personally, I have been using many different hubs on all my M1 Macs without problem. Some of them also provide charging.

And I had no problem. The important thing to realize is that confirmation bias plays a large role in this, making the issue appear much larger than what it actually is. If your MacBook dies because of a USB-C hub, then you’re going to look for others who have the same issue and have posted about it on the Internet. If you have never had this issue, which is 99% of the people, then you definitely will not post about it on Reddit and will probably be completely unaware of the issue at first.

What I am about to say is that the small number of times you have reported something bad should stop you from buying the M1 Mac. In the unlikely event something happens, well what is the warranty for. Also, thanks for watching this video, and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below, and I’ll catch you in the next one.

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