M1 Macbook Air vs 16 inch Macbook Pro – Don’t make this mistake!

Hey guys its the ocean, and in this video the letput my personal editing machine, which is this discontinued, maximized the 16-inch MacBookPro against the base variants of the new M1 MacBook Air. And see which is better when I add itrith to my workflow.

M1 Macbook Air vs 16 inch Macbook Pro – Don’t make this mistake!

I got it off the MacBookPro max for less than 2.5lakh rs. And the base M1 MacBook Air for a little shy of 1 lakh. Since I had both these laptops, I would like to see if there is a huge price difference between these 2. If we look at some bench mark scores, the M1 is completely crushing the 16-inch MacBook Pro in the MacBook Air single core score,

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and is almost at the same level with its multi-core score. Now it has 8 core M1 processor with base variant MacBook Air, 7 core GPU and just 8 GB of Unified RAM and 256 GB in storage. The MacBook Pro, on the other hand, has an 8 core i9 processor, Ready Pro 5500M graphics processor, 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD dedicated.

This review is not a complete or in depth comparison of these 2 laptops that I will leave to other experts. With this video I just want to test how both perform for the apps I use for my workflow. And more importantly, if the MacBook Pro can reduce its high price for my specific case scenarios.

When we get them head-to-head, for almost customized apps for the day, the M1 MacBook Air is quick to open them, which should come as no surprise when optimized for the new Silicon. Everything from opening apps and navigating through them like Safari, Chrome, Final Cut Pro is faster on the M1 MacBook Air. Everything I do is make and edit videos, so what I wanted to test the most is Mac’s video editing performance.

Now some of you may know that I have moved the new Sony A7Siii as my main camera, and the 16 inch MacBook Pro has tough timekeeping with footage from that camera. But the M1 MacBook Air cuts through this footgelike butter. So the overall video editing process on this new MacBook Air is much more. Well I needed to change or change my workflow to suit this laptop.

I first started editing video on a 2015 MacBook Pro, and when I started editing 4K video, I needed media optimization on import, and it made editing easier for me. Since then I have moved quickly to the Mac, but whenever I changed my workflow.

So on this MacBook Air when I first edited editvideos import time was very long. I then talked to a few others, such as Sandipfrom Revatlas and Harsh to Technolobe, that I found that I could skip the customization intermediary. And once I did that, my editing and exporting improved a lot. Now I have the same 11 minutes 53 seconds 4k 30fpsproject (which by the way is the correct frame rate) open in Final Cut Pro on both the 16 inch MacBook Pro and M1 MacBook Air.

How is this my specific project? It is a 4K timeline, several 4K files in some places, some color correction and grading, and a stack of text layers stacked on top of each other. With Sony A7siii footage, playback orscrubbing on the M1 MacBook Air is much smoother than on the 16-inch MacBook Pro. 30fpsfootage is fine, but if there is 60 or 120fps footage on the timeline, it is that the MacBookPro really struggles. I’ve left out background rendering on both theselaptops, because this is how I usually edit my videos, and I wanted to see what isaster for my everyday workflow.

I am exporting this 4K 30fps project to the H.264and 16 inch MacBook Pro, exported it first in 8 minutes 50 seconds, and the MacBook Air in 9 minutes 39 seconds. So the 8 core i9 MacBook Pro with dedicated 8PU and 16 GB RAM was just 50 seconds faster than the base variant of the 1st generation Silicon Silicon MacBook Air.

And fans of the MacBook Air Hano should not mention it to keep it cool, while the MacBook Pro had its fans rotating at full throttle, much more than 1 minute of exports. I cleared the cache files, and tried this exexport several times to find similar results. When I exported the file in H.264 instead of Pro Res, the MacBook Pro was able to export in 5 minutes 15 seconds and Air did it in 5 minutes 54 seconds, so 39 seconds behind the 16 inch MacBook Pro.

I was shocked by these results. Yes, the MacBook Pro is still fast and there is no doubt about it, but the margin was not so high. Not to mention that this is a much higher maximum, except for RAM and SSD, where the air base variant is running on specs. The Pro gets really hot when editing, has fans running most of the time, and its battery never lasts more than 2 and a half hours when editing. The MacBook Air, on the other hand, has a slight disadvantage, but is still comfortable to keep on its lap, it doesn’t have fans, it stays on all the time, and I was able to edit its battery and about 23% remainder. Given the price of these 2, I will take a few seconds to export the video, if it is helping me save about 1.5 lakh rupees. video editing,

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